Data Governance in 2020 with Susan Hanley

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How robust is the data governance in your organization? Richard talks to Susan Hanley about the various elements that go into data governance, starting with having a plan! Depending on what your organization does, there can be a huge array of rules on how to collect, retain, and delete data. Then comes the challenge step of actually following those rules! Susan talks about the latest generation of tools available to make sure you're consolidating and deleting data when you should. Good data governance keeps a company safe and relevant!


Susan Hanley is a business analyst and information architect specializing in the "people side" of intranet and collaboration solutions. She is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP and the co-author of the Essential SharePoint book series. Sue’s areas of expertise include knowledge management, information architecture, collaboration and intranet strategy, user adoption, governance and business value metrics. Immediately prior to establishing her own consulting practice, Sue led the Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice for Dell Professional Services. Follow Sue on Twitter or her Essential SharePoint blog for ComputerWorld.

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