Tuning Home WiFi with Ryan Woodings

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You've got everyone working from home - how is their WiFi holding up? After the initial rush to get folks working from home, there's the need to work effectively from home. Having bandwidth and connectivity problems seriously impacts productivity. Richard talks to Ryan Woodings, the CEO of MetaGeek about getting WiFi working well. MetaGeek has made products for tuning enterprise WiFi for years, but the need for getting better performance out of home WiFi has had them refocusing on different tools - including the free inSSIDer WiFi analysis tool!


Ryan founded MetaGeek in 2005 to create tools for visualizing WiFi, such as the Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer. For the past 15 years Ryan has been helping MetaGeek create tools for helping business and home users troubleshoot their WiFi. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Ryan has been focusing on how to help home users manage their WiFi for remote work, remote school, remote social life... remote everything! When he's not elbow deep in WiFi, he's baking or mountain in the Boise foothills.

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