Automating Workflows using Power Automate with Sandy Ussia

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Ready to automate? Richard chats with Sandy Ussia about Power Automate, formerly known as Flow (although the term flow is never far away). But Power Automate is exactly what you think it is - a no-code/low-code solution to providing automation in Azure between Office 365 and a whole host of other platforms including Google, Salesforce, and so on. Sandy talks about the array of templates that already exist for Automate, so that rarely do you need to start from scratch - there's always a template for your idea that can at least get you started. And the Starter Kit helps you get started right, with good governance!


Sandy Ussia is a technical evangelist at Lightning Tools, a developer of SharePoint and Teams web parts and tools. She is a SharePoint and Office 365 enthusiast and speaker, a digital nomad and a Microsoft MVP for PowerApps and Flow.

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