Understanding Cloud Performance Issues with Lori Mac Vittie

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There are performance issues in the cloud? Lori Mac Vittie says yes! Richard chats with Lori about how just buying more cloud might increase capacity - but not performance. This leads to a conversation about performance even is - and what it means to the users of your apps. Ultimately, the same diagnostic challenges we had before the cloud come into play - bottlenecks exist within software and need to be improved. Might be code, might be data architecture - it takes a group effort to understand and improve!


Lori Mac Vittie is a technologist and principal evangelist in F5 Networks’ Office of the CTO with an emphasis on emerging architectures and technologies including cloud and edge computing, network automation and orchestration, microservices, and containers. Mac Vittie has over twenty-five years of industry experience spanning application development, IT architecture, and network and systems’ operation. Prior to joining F5, Mac Vittie was an award-winning technology editor at Network Computing Magazine. She holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University and is an O’Reilly author. As a Wisconsin native she has very strong opinions about cheese and beer.

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