Enterprise Class WiFi Security with Avril Salter

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How secure is your office Wi-Fi? Richard chats with Dr. Avril Salter about using enterprise security features in Wi-Fi. The conversation starts out focused on WPA2-Enterprise, using RADIUS servers and protocols like CHAP and PEAP. It may be more complicated to set up, but once running, you have far more control over who can be on your Wi-Fi. Avril talks about creating separate SSIDs for secure corporate devices, BYOD devices, a guest network, and a legacy network. Yeah, four SSIDs! Next up - WPA3, with even better default security features!


Dr. Salter is an expert in wireless communications. She has held executive and technical positions at small startups and major corporations including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, and Sprint. She has worked extensively in Europe, North America, Asia, and the South Pacific. Dr. Salter first started to work on WLAN in the early 90’s, before the 802.11 specifications were finalized. She even worked on a 802.11 frequency hopping deployment before 802.11b was ratified, and secured Wi-Fi as the de facto WLAN standard. She also has an extensive history of working on IoT standards, including ZigBee, Bluetooth, the industrial automation and vehicular standards. Dr. Salter has also worked on cellular networks, from the early analog systems through to the 5G networks being rolling out today. Today, Dr. Salter provides content development and in-depth lab based technical training on emerging wireless networks, including wireless IoT solutions, 802.11ax and 5G. Dr. Salter is a well-known author and her technical publications are included in Encyclopedia of Telecommunications, Dell, Telephony, IEEE, Penton Media, Petri IT, and Wireless World. She authored a wireless certification book with HP Press. Dr. Salter is an outstanding speaker. Her speaking engagements have included COMDEX, ComExpo, IDC, IEEE GlobalCom, RSA, TechMentor, and Windows Connections. Dr. Salter received her Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Reading, UK. She holds several industry certifications including CCNP-Wireless, CCNA-Security, and CWNE.

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