ARM Templates at Scale with Pierre Roman

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ARM Templates are awesome - but what happens when they get big? Richard chats with Pierre Roman on the Cloud Advocates team at Microsoft about how ARM Templates are evolving to help you manage them when they get more sophisticated. Pierre talks about all the challenging bits of scaling ARM Templates, including modularizing, testing, and using source control. Your infrastructure-as-code is code, and it needs care and feeding to be as good as it can be, especially as things get more complex!


As a Sr. Cloud Ops Advocate, Pierre Roman engages with the operations and infrastructure communities on behalf of Microsoft. He is part of a team that drives growth and adoptions of the Azure platform by providing upskilling guidance and bringing community feedback to the product groups. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, he brings a well-rounded view of all facets of the Ops/infra lifecycle. His skills enable him to relate to his audiences and cultivate relationships at all levels (from the nuts and bolts guy/gal to management.) He’s a husband, a dad, a hockey fan, a gadget freak and a geek. Pierre is always ready for a conversation (in English or français - naturellement).

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