The Hybrid Workforce and Windows Update with Dave Backman

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The Hybrid Workforce is here to stay - how do you update Windows? Richard chats with Dave Backman about what it means to manage a hybrid workforce, where most of your staff work both from home, and occasionally in the office. The pandemic made this happen, and it's likely to continue indefinitely. So how do you keep Windows up-to-date? Dave talks about the modern update strategies beyond Windows Update Server, into InTune and Windows Update for Business.


Dave Backman is a Chief Technology Orator within the Windows Servicing & Delivery (WSD) organization, WSD is the team that manages the monthly & feature updates to the +1b Windows 10 devices in the world. He is currently leveraging his passion and enthusiasm to evangelize internal awareness of Windows 10, WaaS and the Modern Desktop, helping customers digitally transform by embracing this new agile servicing model by driving adoption of Windows 10 and delivering a world-class user experience. As a thought leader in this space, Backman focuses on establishing service management maturity, change management methodologies and traditional IT thinking of managing an OS upgrade as a project to transforming an IT’s culture, people, process and tools in order to run Windows as a continuous process. Dave is also a 25 year veteran in the IT Infrastructure space, mainly running Desktop Engineering organizations for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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