Compassion During the Pandemic with April Wensel

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How can compassion help during the pandemic? Richard talks to April Wensel about the importance of compassion at this difficult time. April talks about how compassion has always been important and powerful for work and the rest of life, but today it's essential. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic to some degree, and everyone is grieving, whether they know or not. We all need more compassion in our lives, for ourselves, family, neighbors, co-workers, and the world.



April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a conscious business focused on training technologists in emotional intelligence and social responsibility. She spent the previous decade as a software engineer and technical leader at various startups in Silicon Valley, building products in such fields as healthcare, education, and user research. As an advocate for a more inclusive tech industry, she also volunteers with organizations teaching coding skills to groups underrepresented in the industry. Away from the keyboard, she enjoys picking fruit, running ultramarathons, and baking tasty vegan treats.

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