Enterprise Mobility in the Pandemic with Richard Hicks

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Enterprise Mobility is no longer optional! Richard talks to Richard Hicks about his work during the pandemic around remote connectivity. The early days of the pandemic were a scramble to get folks working from home, often needing to scale up VPN services. Now that a few months have gone by, other problems have appeared: Are the remote workstations getting patched? How do you know? What about self-service password changes with remote machines? Richard digs into the details of not being on the local network and how you can tune up your remote connectivity to bring back all the goodness!



Richard Hicks is a Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter MVP with more than 25 years in the information technology industry. He is the founder and principal consultant of Richard M. Hicks Consulting, Inc. and is focused on delivering enterprise mobility and security infrastructure solutions to organizations of all size. Richard is the author of Implementing DirectAccess with Windows Server 2016 from Apress Media. You can find him online at richardhicks.com and on Twitter @richardhicks.

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