The Pandemic is Not Going Away Any Time Soon and Other Stories with Lauren Malhoit

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Ever had a conversation take a twist you didn't expect? Richard talks to Lauren Malhoit about the state of networking during the pandemic. The conversation evolves into a broader view on IT in the pandemic, thinking longer term, and that the changes we're making today are not going to magically disappear with the virus. While it may not be the conversation planned, it is two experienced IT folks sharing their tales of coping in these challenging times!


Lauren is a rare breed that has experience as a customer, partner, and vendor in both engineering and marketing. She started as a data center systems engineer and worked for multiple verticals. She then worked as a channel partner consulting IT teams at multiple businesses on topics like virtualization, storage, networking, and security, accumulating over a dozen years in technical experience. During this time she blogged professionally for tech media agencies and wrote a couple technical books on virtualization and SDN. In 2014 Lauren moved into a Technical Marketing role at Cisco for three years before becoming the co-host and co-writer of the Cisco show TechwiseTV. In 2018 Lauren continued to evolve her technical marketing skills by moving into the Enterprise Product Marketing group at Juniper Networks. @Malhoit

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