Getting Started in Data Science with Ayodele Odubela

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What does it take to get started with data science? Richard talks with Ayodele Odubela about her new book on learning data science. Ayodele talks about how often data science starts out just defining a good question to ask - and how that question evolves as you learn more. The example explored is getting new customers - which starts with understanding what customers you already have. Often we are unconsciously filtering potential customers, so knowing what bias you have in data is key - as is improving the quality of the data you collect! Visit Ayodele's web site (links below) and use the code RunAs to get a 50% discount on her book!



Ayodele is a Data Scientist with a Master's Degree in Data Science. She's created models that can predict consumer segment movement, the chance of a hockey goal being scored, and the location of firearms through walls using RF sensors. She has spoken at conferences like the HUE Tech Summit, Data Science Go, and the National Society of Black Engineers Professional Development Conference.

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