The Evolution of AI with Amy Boyd

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Artificial Intelligence is here to stay - how did this happen? Richard chats with Amy Boyd about where artificial intelligence came from, starting back in the 1950s - and how it was overpromised and under-delivered, resulting in an AI winter. And this cycle happened more than once! But along the way, some interesting technology developed that leads us to the modern era of AI, where cloud computing and huge data sources have created conditions for some really remarkable software - and a great story!



Amy Boyd is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, having obtained a degree in Computer Science, completing a research project in Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning. Amy is passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning and her roles at Microsoft have allowed her to work on many different areas of data science (Visualisation, ML, Big Data, IoT) as well as working on projects with customers across the globe. Her role as a Cloud Advocate is to help developers to learn, engage and build on the Microsoft AI Platform. Amy creates and delivers content online and in-person and works with developers to provide the best product experience for them.

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