Self-Service Passwords with Jan Bakker

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How can you empower your users to change their own passwords? Richard chats with Jan Bakker about the self-service password options in Azure and Microsoft 365. With more people working from home, the usual ways of changing passwords using the help desk have gotten harder - you can't do in-person authentication! Jan talks about utilizing Azure AD and M365 features to get additional authentication methods available for users with Microsoft Authenticator, text messaging and more. Once that's set up, you have more choices to make, including allowing Microsoft's Identity Protection to recognize when a password should be changed!



Jan Bakker is a Technical Cloud Consultant based in the Netherlands, working for Rapid Circle. He focuses mainly on Microsoft 365 products. In his daily job, he helps organizations move towards the cloud, and fully utilize the features of the Microsoft products. In the last couple of years, his focus is on Identity and Security.

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