Michiel Wories Uses Powershell with SQL Server!

About Show #75

Richard and Greg talk to Michiel Wories about Powershell for SQL Server 2008. The latest version of SQL Server implements several object models through Powershell to let folks manage SQL Server without using the management tools. Michiel's blog is at http://blogs.msdn.com/mwories/


Michiel Wories has joined Microsoft 7 1/2 years ago in the role of Senior Program Manager for Microsoft SQL Server and is currently working as a Principal Architect on defining the next generation SQL Server management platform infrastructure. Before he joined Microsoft, he has spent a large part of his professional life at a large ERP company where he was responsible for the architecture of the tools and runtime and development environment in his capacity of Principal Architect. Michiel has worked on various large-scale development projects on UNIX, Windows and various other platforms. Michiel's hobbies are photography, hiking, independent/European/Asian movies and classical guitar, of which most are suspended to give maximum attention to his 2 year old son.

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