PowerShell Crescendo with Jason Helmick

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It's 2021 - does PowerShell really need any new features? Jason Helmick says yes! Richard and Jason talk about Jason's move to Microsoft into the PowerShell team and the cool new things coming down the pipeline. First up is Secrets Management, providing a great means to avoid putting passwords in scripts and to be able to utilize secure accounts without ever knowing the secrets in the first place. Jason also explores IntelliSense and IntelliCode with PowerShell and how new AI technologies can make your PowerShell coding experience even better. Finally, Crescendo - tooling to make it easier to wrap native command line tools with PowerShell. 2021 looks to be a great year for PowerShell!



Jason is a 30-year IT veteran and an author/learning specialist at Pluralsight. He’s an avid supporter of the DevOps/PowerShell community as former CFO of PowerShell.Org and the PowerShell/DevOps Global Summit. He is also a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. Jason focuses on automation and configuration management for DevOps and has co-authored several books on PowerShell, MS Exchange and IIS and including related discussions on the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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