Microsoft 365 for Small Business with Ian Williamson

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Does M365 work for small business? Richard chats with Ian Williamson about his work as a sole IT person in a small business trying to move into Microsoft 365. Ian talks about how many of the features (and documentation) for Microsoft 365 is aimed at organizations much bigger than what he is working in - and often digging into features his tenant doesn't have! The conversation also focuses on the challenges of identity: Making sure your personal Microsoft identities don't collide with your M365 identities, how to untangle that mess, and perhaps, at some point, actually get some real benefits from M365!



Ian Williamson is a Senior Consultant at IIBD Global, a strategic training and consulting firm. There he manages the SABRE Business Simulation which serves both academic and corporate customers. He also fills many other development and IT roles. In a previous life, Ian did fluid dynamics R&D in the natural gas industry.

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