Source Control for IT Pros with Nicole Stevens

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Everyone needs source control! Richard chats with Nicole Stevens about what IT Pros need to know around source control. Normally the purview of developers, source control is useful anywhere you have text that needs to be stored, versioned, and protected. Nicole talks about how you can use GitHub in a private repository to manage your own scripts - keep track of the changes you make over time, be able to go back to old versions, and so on. And when the whole team gets involved, it gets even more interesting!



Nicole Stevens is technical director of an independent software vendor (ISV) in the United Kingdom. Nicole has 20 years’ experience in software development, starting out as an Oracle DBA troubleshooting performance, design, and integration issues for large enterprises across EMEA. Switching to an ISV start-up brought fresh challenges, with a role spanning Software Development, Technical Consultancy and Solutiuon Architect. Nicole’s current focus is architecting cloud native solutions whilst assisting in the refactor of legacy software solutions for customers in Azure.

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