Migrating to Azure SQL with Anna Hoffman

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What's the right way to migrate SQL workloads to the cloud? Richard chats with Anna Hoffman about the expanding array of choices we have today for moving your SQL Server to Azure. Anna talks about the great support for running SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine - and why that sometimes makes the most sense for folks! Then there's moving into Azure SQL, which has some differences to regular SQL Server, but you will find it familiar. The conversation also turns to migrating other databases as well - and the migration tools that provide guidance and tooling to make it easier than ever!



Anna Hoffman is a Data & Applied Scientist on the Azure Data team at Microsoft. Anna has a BS in Engineering and MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech. Anna has worked in Microsoft Research, AI Engineering, and Microsoft Services in her time at Microsoft, spending several years working to democratize AI via tools and services like Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and SQL Server (Machine Learning Services and Big Data Clusters). For the past few years, she is working on the Azure SQL product team and working to enable others with SQL. Anna is one of the authors of Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers, available from Apress Media. Anna is also the host of Data Exposed, available on YouTube. You can follow her on Twitter at @AnalyticAnna.

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