Securing Teams with Tobias Zimmergren

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Are your teams secure? Richard chats with Tobias Zimmergren about securing Office 365 Teams - both internally and externally! The challenge of Teams collaboration is the risk of sharing too much - and as Tobias says, by default, everyone can see everything. Certain teams in your organization, like HR, legal, and RnD, have to limit who can see their collaborations: Teams has information barriers to protect sensitive collaborations. Tobias also dives into eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention, two huge topics on their own, and typically connected with Exchange: But also important with Teams. Get secure!



Tobias Zimmergren is the Head of Technical Operations at Rencore, responsible for strategy, planning, and implementation of anything around our technical- and cloud operations. In 2008, Tobias received the Microsoft MVP award and has been consecutively been renewed every year since. Tobias co-hosts the Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast and writes a very popular technical blog.

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