Getting Started using Power Platform with Sandy Ussia

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How do you get started with the Power Platform? Richard chats with Sandy Ussia about the familiar places that Power Platform first appears - domain users trying to automate work like approvals, improve or replace forms-over-data tooling, and more! Sometimes it relates to existing custom applications in the organization, and sometimes it is a set of connectors between SaaS services - or is so far down the to-do list, who knows when someone will get to it! Sandy talks about how culture impacts the evolution of Power Platform in an organization - will the people using the tool reach out when they hit an access restriction, or work around it? This is where IT can help - and maybe find some opportunities to use Power Platform as well!



Sandy Ussia is a technical evangelist at Lightning Tools, a developer of SharePoint and Teams web parts and tools. She is a SharePoint and Office 365 enthusiast and speaker, a digital nomad and a Microsoft MVP for PowerApps and Flow.

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