Wes Miller Enables Windows Rights Management Services!

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Richard and Greg bring back Wes Miller to talk about Windows Rights Management Services (RMS). RMS secures email and other Office documents to have precise security options, limiting the ability to view, print, copy and so on.


Wes Miller has worked with Windows since the early 1990's. He worked at Microsoft from 1997 to 2004, and currently works at CoreTrace (www.coretrace.com), building application whitelisting software. For most of his career at Microsoft, Wes worked as a Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Core OS Division, in the OS Deployment Team. During his time there, Wes was the PM enterprise deployment in Windows, and was the PM owner of Remote Installation Services (RIS), Windows PE (WinPE), and drove the initial concept and creation of Windows Deployment Services, as well as the Windows Imaging (WIM) format and the command-line tool that creates WIM images, ImageX (formerly known as XImage). As a side-project, Wes also drove the initial movement within Microsoft to support booting from USB Flash Drives (UFD) with help from individuals across the Windows organization and IHV and OEM partners. In late 2004, Wes left to work for Winternals Software (acquired by Microsoft in 2006), in Austin, Texas, where he currently resides. After serving time in the Web 2.0 world, Wes has returned to enterprise software, working as a Senior Technical Product Manager at CoreTrace, helping to build the BOUNCER by CoreTrace application whitelisting software. His area of Windows focus is generally enterprise deployment, lifecycle management and security. Wes is an inventor/co-inventor on 9 patents. He enjoys spending time with his family, as well as cooking, baking and cycling. Wes can be reached at technet@getwired.com.

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