Microsoft Viva with Hilton Giesenow

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What is Microsoft Viva? Richard chats with Hilton Giesenow about the recently announced Microsoft Viva as part of Microsoft 365. Hilton discusses how Viva is a group of products focused on Employee Experience (EXP). Employee Experience being the things that employees need to do at the company outside of the actual work, such as submitting timesheets, requesting vacation, getting training, and understanding company procedures. The conversation turns to the different components of Viva: Learning focuses on employee education with LinkedIn Learning. Connections provide an interface to SharePoint pages for employees that the organization may already have. Topics is a discovery tool, identifying key terminology in the organization from within chats on Teams and elsewhere to bring information together. Finally, there are Insights, which looks at employee wellness. The interface to Viva is Teams - so that employees have everything they need in one place!



Deeply passionate about the Microsoft Teams development community, Hilton Giesenow is a leading user under the 'Teams' tag on sites like Stack Overflow, a regular contributor to multiple open-source projects and a frequent presenter on Teams topics. He's also the founder of, a startup building apps to make using Teams more effective, more functional, and more productive.

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