Azure Active Directory Conditional Access with Nitika Gupta

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How can Azure AD Conditional Access help to protect your organization? Richard chats with Nitika Gupta about the tooling available to detect and react to unusual sign-ins and access to data. Nitika talks about how Conditional Access lets you set policies in place to require additional authentication and even lockout an account when certain things happen - like a change in device, application, location, and more. The conversation also digs into providing additional security requirements for company leadership and admin accounts - the kinds of accounts that, when exploited, can do significant harm to the company. 



Recorded July 9, 2021


Nitika Gupta is a program management leader for Microsoft Security, championing Identity solutions for adaptive access and posture management. Her team is responsible for Azure AD Conditional Access, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Secure Score and Security Defaults capabilities. Nitika is also one of the core drivers of the company-wide Zero Trust initiative at Microsoft.

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