Michael Anderburg On What IT Pros Need to Know About Code Security!

About Show #79

Michael Anderburg returns to talk to Richard and Greg about code security. Focused around the book The Security Development Lifecycle (http://www.microsoft.com/mspress/books/8753.aspx), Michael describes the role of IT in making code security work. While it sounds like a topic for developers, the book is equally applicable to IT Pros and what they can do to help development and even third-party applications be more secure.


Michael Anderberg is an IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft AB in Sweden. During his 11 years with Microsoft his focus has always been the Windows platform and Security at a technical level. Recently he headed up the Security Track at IT Forum 2007 in Barcelona as a track owner. At the moment he is also covering as Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft in Sweden for a colleague who's on temporary leave. Apart from his Microsoft duties, Michael also enjoys photography, piloting commercial airliners and downhill skiing.

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