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Does Windows need a package manager? Richard talks to Sarah Lean about Windows Package Manager, aka winget. Of course, there have been package managers for Windows before winget, and Sarah talks about her favorite, Chocolatey. But winget is destined to be a part of Windows itself and opens the door to some great deployment automation. The conversation also dives into exporting - making a copy of the manifest of applications currently on a workstation. Could we get to full local workstation localization, where you could build and re-build workstations on demand? Maybe some next-level hot-desk workstations are possible!


Recorded August 13, 2021


Sarah works as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft she held various roles ranging from Help Desk Engineer to Technical Consultant. She has worked in the IT infrastructure/Operations space within IT departments or with Managed Service Providers and has experience of working with physical server datacentre installations as well as experience within the Office 365 and Azure cloud space. Sarah is proud to give back to her community. As a STEM Ambassador, Sarah helps others learn how IT can impact and change their lives for the better. Most specifically, she enjoys teaching the next generation of young women how they too can rise in a male-oriented field and succeed in their own careers. Sarah also founded the Glasgow Azure User Group, a community collective who meets bimonthly to network and discuss the latest in technology.

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