Files, Folders, Lists, and More in Microsoft 365 with Jason Moore

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How does your organization work with files in Microsoft 365? Richard chats with Jason Moore about the role of OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and the many tools available for files, folders, and lists in the M365 world. Jason talks about how under the hood, every file ends up in some pretty standard spots, like Azure Blob Storage - so you know that compliance, governance, and policy are consistent. The conversation also ranges over how different organizations come to different solutions based on their past experiences and skill sets - there's a lot of choice for a reason!


Recorded August 6, 2021


Jason Moore is the Partner Director of Product Management and leads product for both OneDrive consumer and OneDrive for Business. Jason has been with Microsoft since 2000 believing in the magic fo files, from leading the Windows File Explorer team to starting SkyDrive, now known as OneDrive. You can find him on twitter @jasmo

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