Trusting PowerBI Reporting with Melissa Coates

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Making mistakes with reporting or analytics can lead to mistakes in business and a loss of trust - now what? Richard chats with Melissa Coates about building mechanisms in tools like PowerBI to make it easier to get correct results. Melissa talks about having a diligent core of analytics and a flexible edge - making sure the expert data stewards and building data flows and repositories for accurate analytics, allowing the self-service PowerBI users to explore. Sure, everyone needs some guard rails, but over-governance leads to tools going unused. Let them experiment and find value, then look at how to keep things under control!


Recorded August 5, 2021


Melissa Coates is the owner of Coates Data Strategies. Her current professional focus is on Power BI governance, deployment, security, and administration. Melissa is the creator of the comprehensive Power BI Deployment and Governance online course. She is big supporter of the technical community, and has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2013. When Melissa steps away from the keyboard, you can probably find her hanging out with her dog, paddle boarding, or playing in the garden.

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