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Are you stuck in the print nightmare? Richard talks to Jeremy Moskowitz about the ongoing battle over potential exploits through the point-and-print system in Windows. Jeremy talks about the discovery of the vulnerability in July 2021 and how it has led to a series of patches and registry key changes to resist a potential exploit. Meantime, people need to print! There are several workarounds with Group Policy, and Jeremy's own PolicyPak has some practical solutions. If you put some time into thinking through how your organization prints, you can find a solution that works and is secure!


Recorded September 9, 2021


Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP is founder of and PolicyPak Software ( Since becoming one of the world's first MCSEs, he has performed Active Directory, and Group Policy planning and implementations for some of the nation's largest organizations. His latest book is "Group Policy Fundamentals, Security, and Troubleshooting, third edition" which is fully updated for Windows 10 and Server 2016. Learn more about the book and his Group Policy Master Class training at If you want to secure your applications, browsers, Java, and operating system settings, check out

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