From Citrix Cloud to Azure Virtual Desktop with Aidan Finn

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What's the right way to have virtual desktops in the cloud? Richard talks to Aidan Finn about a virtualization project he was involved with that started with Citrix Cloud, which runs in Azure. Aidan talks about the number of virtual machines involved in a large-scale VDI implementation, many of which are infrastructure and plumbing. Why own the plumbing when you can get it as a service? The conversation then digs into Azure Virtual Desktop, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Citrix Cloud, but does simplify implementation a great deal. No virtualization implementation is ever simple, but working at the platform level can make it easier!


Recorded September 9, 2021


Aidan Finn has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007, currently holding the Microsoft Azure expertise. Based out of Ireland, he works as a Principal Consultant for Innofactor Norway, specialising in Azure governance, security, and infrastructure. He owns his own Azure training company called Cloud Mechanix, writes on his own site at, writes about Azure for and can be found on Twitter @joe_elway.

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