Chaos Engineering with Julie Gunderson

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Should you inject a little chaos into your systems? Julie Gunderson says yes! Richard chats with Julie about how deliberate failing portions of your system teach you more about your dependency and resiliency. But it's not just about breaking things - you need to build a hypothesis around how you see the reliability of the system and then create tests to challenge that reliability - and how to recover quickly if the test does harm to productivity! Julie talks about starting small, maybe just a development pipeline before moving on to more significant systems like production. The goal is to be resilient, but you're only resilient if you test!


Recorded October 12, 2021


Julie Gunderson is a Senior Reliability Advocate at Gremlin, where she works to further the understanding of reliability best practices, Chaos Engineering and DevOps methodologies. She has been actively involved in the DevOps space for over seven years and is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations understand how to leverage best practices develop amazing cultures. Julie has delivered talks at conferences such as DevOpsDays, Velocity, Agile Conf, OSCON and more. Julie is also a founding member and co-organizer of DevOpsDays Boise. In her off time Julie can be found either traipsing through the mountains in Idaho, or making circuit boards into wearable art.

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