IT Christmas Gifts with Joey Snow and Rick Claus

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Christmas Gifts for IT Pros! Richard chats with Joey Snow and Rick Claus about their favorite gift ideas for your favorite IT Pros. Yeah, IT folks are hard to buy for, but here are some stocking stuffers and other gifts you will be excited to receive. Whether it's items that will help you work more effectively, home automation to make living a little easier, or maybe just something geeky and fun, there are many cool things to choose. And if you're an IT Pro listening to this show, share the list of links with your loved ones - maybe you'll get some good stuff!


Recorded October 29, 2021


Joey Snow is a Senior Program Manager in the Identity Team at Microsoft focusing on Azure Active Directory deployment for the IT Professional. Previously Joey worked as an IT Pro Evangelist working with Windows Server, Windows Client and Windows Azure.   Based in Redmond, WA, Joey works to help IT Professionals deploy Azure Active Directory Premium features in their environment. He shares his knowledge and expertise online – via technical documentation - and is a frequent speaker at various Microsoft and industry-sponsored events.  He has been with Microsoft for over 9 years. Joey is also 1/2 of the Podcast duo Patch & Switch ( Prior to joining Microsoft, Joey worked for more than 12 years as an IT Professional at a Fortune 500 company, serving in various IT roles ranging from the helpdesk to IT architecture and management.

Rick Claus engages in person and online with the worldwide Ops community on behalf of Microsoft. As a Cloud Advocate on the Azure engineering team, Rick's role is to connect with technical communities in order capture feedback on how to make things better and to share his knowledge about the ecosystem. Technical areas of expertise from his 20+ years of experience in the IT Industry include: Core Azure infrastructure services, Windows Server, systems management and all things "cloud" ;-) Unofficially, Rick is focused on spreading his enthusiasm, passion and excitement on all things technical to anyone who has the time for a coffee (or pint) and a chat (in English or français - naturellement).

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