Your Adaptability Quotient with Sara Caldwell and Angela Dugan

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What's your adaptability quotient? Richard chats with Sara Caldwell and Angela Dugan about the ideas behind the adaptability quotient - the ability to respond to change. The pandemic certainly forced a lot of change on a lot of folks - and different people coped with the changes in different ways. Sara talks about thinking about your ability to adapt and strengthening that ability, starting with asking for help where needed. Angela digs into the changes that have happened for her and Sara just recently with the acquisition of their company - more opportunities to adapt! Change is inevitable. It's just a question of what we keep from the past and what we let go of: How are you adapting?


Recorded October 25, 2021


Solving puzzles is in Sara Caldwell's blood. She has turned her passion into a career and loves doing it. Her strengths lie in helping clients work through the nuances of Agile and Lean practices as she uses the practices every day to help bring order to her life.

Angela Dugan is a software consultant turned Microsoft evangelist turned Polaris Solutions ALM consultant and agile coach who has also held the positions of Office Director, People Lead, and most recently, Delivery Director. She approaches all of her roles with the ultimate goal of fostering an environment where all team members can truly thrive in a culture that values diversity, experimentation, continual improvement, and psychological safety. Angela leverages these experience and passions in her work with clients as well, as an agile transformation change agent, trainer, and coach. When she is not doing her "day job," she loves playing board games, pretending to be good at CrossFit and running. She is also an avid gardiner. Angela feels like both her and her husband are constantly working on their 100+ year old house in Oak Park with the "help" of their two ornery chickens Delta and Marigold, and their rambunctious rescue dog named Sadie.

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