Deprecating Basic Auth with Greg Taylor

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Basic authentication is going away in Exchange Online - how will it impact you? Richard talks to Greg Taylor about the long-planned end of basic authentication support in Exchange Online. Greg talks about the fundamental vulnerability of basic authentication systems like POP and IMAP - and how many systems still use them by default. Too many business email compromise and ransomware attacks happen through an email hack, and getting rid of basic authentication will help. Basic auth goes away in October of 2022, and Greg discusses the many ways that Microsoft is assisting IT Pros to get to secure email protocols running before that happens!


Recorded October 25, 2021


Greg Taylor is a Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft 365 Core Engineering team, currently focused on Exchange protocols and security. In his 15 years at Microsoft he’s been part of major engineering projects that impact millions, with no formal engineering training. He ran the Certified Master program for Exchange with no formal education training. He’s been the Marketing Director for Exchange, managing a multi-billion dollar product and business, with no formal marketing training. Before he joined Microsoft he worked as a hotel manager, an IT consultant and delivered cakes and champagne while dressed as a butler (with no formal butler training). He believes your career doesn't have to be pre-determined by the school you went to.

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