Hybrid Identity with Sonia Cuff

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Does your organization need hybrid identities? Richard talks to Sonia Cuff about Hybrid Active Directory, connecting your on-premises Active Directory infrastructure to M365 and Azure. There's essentially no choice in larger organizations - too many identities and applications exist that replicating identities would be a huge problem. But what about a small organization? Sonia talks about folks living in the Small Business Server and Windows Essential worlds that really could make a go of moving entirely in the cloud without hybrid - but it all comes down to applications that the organization needs. The conversation also digs into modern identity using password managers and authenticators - even going passwordless!


Recorded November 25, 2021


Sonia Cuff connects in person & online with the worldwide IT community, on behalf of Microsoft. As a Senior Cloud Ops Advocate on the Azure engineering team, Sonia's role is to educate, empower and upskill communities and capture feedback on how to make Microsoft Azure better. With over 20 years’ experience in tech, from large enterprises and government to small & medium businesses, Sonia is also passionate about improving work & life for people in IT Operations roles.

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