Shane Creamer Goes Deep on Performance Monitor!

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Richard and Greg dig deep into PerfMon with Shane Creamer. Shane works with Microsoft Premier Field Engineering and runs the Vital Signs workshop, a three day course teaching everything the administrator needs to know about performance monitor. Download the video Here. Also, a link to the 25 key perfmon counters is in Stephen Choy's article at


Shane Creamer started working with Windows in the early 1990's. He's worked at Microsoft since 1995 and currently works in Microsoft Premier Field Engineering as a Performance and Debug engineer. He's filled past roles as a customer advocate program manager and was an extended part of the Operating System team that helped ship Windows 2000. Shane's passion has been serving as a customer advocate to help the Microsoft community self-identify and self-solve many of the typical stability and performance issues that occur in the murky, grey area known as Performance Analysis. Since a "Dummies Guide to Using Perfmon Effectively" does not exist, Shane created the Vital Signs workshop which takes Premier customers on a three-day experience where they learn the proper use of the Performance analysis tools like Performance Monitor and Server Performance Advisor, and then 25 counters that are on the 'must know' list of counters needed to properly address performance and stability issues, regardless of what role the server has or what process it is running. This workshop has been delivered to over 250 customers worldwide. Shane's hobbies are home theaters, exercising, health, doing charitable work, helping parents of Autistic children on the ASD spectrum (his son is on the ASD spectrum), and is trained as a emotional counselor ( helping people and couples rebuild their lives when he isn't rebuilding server performance. He currently lives in Eastern Washington and loves spending time with his family and watching his son become more functionally normal each month thanks to the latest ASD spectrum research. Shane Creamer can be reached at professionally and for personal correspondence.

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