How Azure Arc Facilitates Digital Transformation with Erin Chapple

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Is Azure Arc a crucial part of bringing the cloud into your organization? Richard talks with Microsoft CVP Erin Chapple about how Arc helps with digital transformation. Erin discusses the challenges of adding the cloud into an organization from a governance, regulatory, and security perspective, how Azure Arc provides oversight and control for those issues, and more. The conversation also gets into a survey done by Harris Polls for Microsoft that showed how the digital transformation process continues in most organizations, with hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure being a common outcome. All the more reason to use Azure Arc to manage it all!


Recorded February 17, 2022


Erin Chapple is Corporate Vice President of Azure Core Product and Azure Design, delivering infrastructure offerings that power the world’s workloads. Spanning from general purpose, to workload-optimized, to SaaS, the combination of compute, storage, networking, and management services deliver customer choice and flexibility in current and future application hosting needs. In addition to heading up Azure core product and Azure design, Erin leads planning across all of Azure. She is committed to building world-class organizations, supporting women in technology and other communities, and building the next generation of business leaders. Bringing these passions together, Erin sponsors Azure’s Management Excellence Community and co-sponsors the Women at Microsoft employee resource group. Previously Erin was the Corporate Vice President of the Azure team responsible for technology at the foundation of all Windows-based products. She joined Microsoft in 1998 as a Program Manager on the Small Business Server. Since then, she has contributed to more than 15 operating system releases in various Program Manager leadership positions.

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