PowerShellGet 3 with Sydney Smith

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What's coming in the next version of PowerShellGet? Richard chats with Sydney Smith about PowerShellGet in general and version 3 specifically. Sydney talks about how PowerShellGet appears like a command in PowerShell but is a separate module installed by default with PowerShell and is getting more features and some breaking changes. But version 3 also includes some compatibility features so that you can use your scripts dependent on PowerShellGet 2 within PowerShellGet 3. While there are some breaking changes, they make it easier to find and install the packages you need from the PowerShell Gallery or any other PowerShell repository you want to access.


Recorded February 17, 2022


Sydney is a Program Manager on the PowerShell team at Microsoft. She owns the PowerShell tooling space including the editor experience, package/module ecosystem, and cloud integrations. She graduated from Claremont Mckenna College with a degree in Math, Economics and Computer Science.

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