Managing Teams Sprawl with Erica Toelle and John Gruszczyk

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How do you manage the sprawl of Teams? Richard chats with Erica Toelle and John Gruszczyk about the governance of Teams, starting with allowing a bit of sprawl in the first place - people give up on tools that are too locked down. You have to leave room to explore! But once folks engage with Teams and the sprawl gets a bit out of control, there are tools to help you protect people and information shared there. John talks about controlling access to different parts of Teams, depending on your role in the organization and external guests. Erica dives into labeling data as sensitive and how the Data Loss Prevention tooling can help protect data and indicate where it might be exposed inappropriately. There are many approaches to controlling sprawl. You can choose what is best for your organization!


Recorded March 3, 2022


Erica Toelle is a senior product marketing manager on the Microsoft compliance product team. Her focus is on growing the information governance and records management business and listening to customers and partners to make our solutions better. Erica is a long-time member of the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 community, a former Microsoft MVP, a published author, and a recognized expert in the information governance area.

John Gruszczyk is a former Microsoft deployment consultant now a full-time Microsoft employee focused on product strategy working on anything Teams security, compliance, and privacy related.

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