Cloud Infrastructure for Healthcare with Lynn Langit

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How does healthcare function in the cloud? Richard talks to Lynn Langit about her work helping healthcare-related workloads move into the cloud. Lynn talks about how lift-and-shift is a great starting point - it stops analysis-paralysis and gets a baseline on costs in the cloud, which helps plan high return-on-investment activities around workloads. The conversation digs into the visualization challenge: It is hard to see what is being moved into the cloud and how it is operating there. Lynn digs into the cloud-as-architecture side of things since most customers do not know how working in the cloud is supposed to look, and there are distinct differences from on-premises operations!


Recorded May 2, 2022


Lynn Langit is an independent cloud architect and developer. She builds genomic-scale data pipelines with research and clinical teams. Lynn is also the author of 26 cloud courses on Linked In Learning. She is a Microsoft RD, Google Cloud Developer Expert and AWS Data Community Hero.

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