Turning off Your Last Exchange Server with Tony Redmond

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Are you ready to turn off your last exchange server? Richard talks with Tony Redmond about the recent announcement by Microsoft around management tools for Exchange Hybrid. Tony discusses how organizations that migrated Exchange to Office 365 are stuck with one last server: The server that hosts management tools. The management tools move to a workstation, but they are PowerShell only. And the process of shutting down your last Exchange Server is very much a one-way trip, at least for now. Should you do it? Tony says it's time to get started!


Recorded May 2, 2022


Tony Redmond works as the principal of his own consulting company (Tony Redmond and Associates), helping companies to figure out technology strategy or accomplish specific goals. Apart from his experience gained over a 27-year in Digital. Compaq, and HP (ten as a vice-president), Tony remains a practicing technologist and is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Exchange Server.

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