Viva Insights with Karoliina Kettukari

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How can Viva Insights improve personal productivity and the productivity of the team? Richard talks to Karoliina Kettukari about the role of Viva Insights - starting with that daily email you likely already get. Karoliina talks about folks using M365 leaving traces of their work and how Insights puts that information to work. Insights help you be more productive by helping you block out time for meaningful work, make sure you follow through on commitments you make, and even identify when you may be working too much. The conversation also explores the management tooling for Insights to help leaders see their team's productivity in the aggregate!


Recorded May 4, 2022


Karoliina is a Modern Work expert whose passion is inspiring customers to take advantage of the full spectrum of Microsoft 365. Her specialty is developing teamwork and internal communications with the help of Microsoft Teams. She wants to enable and empower organizations to lead the change from within. Karoliina is a Microsoft MVP and an active speaker in technology conferences and user groups. She loves the community, sharing knowledge and learning from others.

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