Windows Admin Center in Azure with Prasidh Arora

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Windows Admin Center in Azure? Richard talks to Prasidh Arora about the preview of WAC in Azure - giving admins that familiar Windows Admin Center view of Azure Virtual Machines running Windows Server 2016 or later. Prasidh talks about creating a unified view and admin access to your servers, whether they are running on-premises, in Azure, or even on other cloud infrastructures. Installing Azure Arc on a server makes it available from WAC in Azure. The conversation also digs into the privileges challenges - making sure you have rights on the server for WAC's different capabilities. But with WAC for Azure, we're one step closer to a unified view and control of infrastructure.


Recorded June 3, 2022


Prasidh Arora is a Product Manager on the Azure Edge and Platform team, focusing on Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI management. In particular, Prasidh works on the integration of Windows Admin Center into Azure, providing Azure customers with an easy management experience in the cloud.

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