Migrating Group Policy Objects into Intune with Katy Nicholson

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Can you migrate group policy objects to Intune? Richard chats with Katy Nicholson about her work modernizing Windows client machines through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, making on-premises Active Directory optional. Katy discusses using the Group Policy Analyzer to understand what policies will work through Endpoint Manager and Configuration Service Providers. The next question is, what policies are irrelevant or obsolete? This leads to a conversation around refreshing security for an organization - why does this policy exist. How is it applied to non-Windows devices? Does it still make sense? Ultimately, all policies are about security, which means getting to zero trust. How does policy work in a zero trust environment, and where do you have to make exceptions?


Recorded July 5, 2022


Katy Nicholson is an infrastructure consultant working at Avanade in the UK, and previously has experience working in the education sector in IT systems. She is a Microsoft MVP (Enterprise Mobility), awarded 2021 and 2022 and is passionate about systems management and deployment. Katy runs a technical blog (https://katystech.blog) and outside of work and tech you will find her riding rollercoasters or on country walks.

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