Securing Apps in the Cloud with Carroll Moon

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You're moving to the cloud; how does your application security look? Richard talks with Carroll Moon of CloudFit about moving applications into the cloud with better security and governance using the Azure Landing Zone approach. Carroll talks about the various patterns that allow existing applications to work in the zero-trust environment, with containerization, platform-as-a-service changes, and even desktop virtualization! The blackhats are improving, and the cloud is less vulnerable than existing on-premises solutions, but only if you embrace the cloud security models. New standards for cybersecurity are emerging - are you up to speed?


Recorded October 31, 2022


Carroll Moon is the CTO and Co-Founder of CloudFit Software. Prior to CloudFit, Carroll spent almost 18 years at Microsoft helping to build and run Microsoft's Clouds. CloudFit Software aims to securely run every mission critical workload in the universe. CloudFit is a DoD company that also intentionally serves commercial companies. Commercial customers (including Microsoft's Product Groups) keep CloudFit on the cutting edge of cloud and cloud apps that makes CloudFit attractive to DoD customers. DoD customers require that CloudFit be a leader in cybersecurity that makes CloudFit attractive to commercial customers. This intersection of DoD and Commercial uniquely positions CloudFit Software to help customers comply with cybersecurity mandates like CMMC, and the build-and-run-the-hyperscale-cloud pedigree of CloudFit's executive team means that CloudFit is executing on their charter with software and automation rather than with people. CloudFit Software's patented platform enables increased repeatability, decreased costs, increased availability and increased security in all areas from establishing hardened cloud enclaves to migrating (and re-factoring) workloads to operating securely in the cloud. Beyond the IT/Cloud charter, CloudFit Software exists to fund two 501c3 charities: KidFit (providing hope and opportunities to youth using sports as the enabler) and JobFit (providing hope and opportunities to adults and young adults using IT training and paid internships as the enablers). Carroll lives in Lynchburg, VA with his wife and two children.

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