Baldwin Ng and Jay Sauls Help Us Plan with MAP!

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Another show from Tech Ed EMEA 2008 IT Pro in Barcelona, Richard and Greg talk to Baldwin Ng and Jay Sauls about the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP). MAP is a Solution Accelerator, combining guidance and tools to help IT pros understand the equipment in their network, virtualization opportunities as well as desktop upgrade challenges. You can download MAP for free at


Baldwin Ng is the Senior Product Manager for the Microsoft Solution Accelerators Core Engineering Team. He works with Microsoft customers, partners and product teams including Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V, Microsoft Application Virtualization, and others to build world-class solution accelerators to empower today's IT professionals. His current projects include Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP, formerly Windows Vista Hardware Assessment), Virtualization Solution Accelerators and other incubation projects. Baldwin has more than 16 years of product management and development experience in digital e-commerce, wireless internet services and mobile computing industries and frequently speaks at technology events. Baldwin received his MBA degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and graduated from the University of Rochester with MS and BS degrees in Engineering. He and his wife Vivien enjoy traveling around the globe. He frequently blogs at:

Jay is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft's Solutions Accelerators group. In Solution Accelerators, he has worked on designing and implementing tools such as Windows Vista Hardware Assessment and Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator. Previously, Jay has worked on other Microsoft product teams such as Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft BizTalk, and System Center Capacity Planner.

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