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Have you used LAPS? Richard chats with Jeremy Moskowitz about the Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS). Jeremy talks about how the Premier Field Engineers originally developed LAPS at Microsoft to deal with having different local administrator passwords on every workstation in an organization. The passwords change automatically regularly, and sysadmins can retrieve the password for a given machine using PowerShell and other tools. Today there is an updated version of LAPS that works with Azure Active Directory and provides more control over password changes and restrictions - you need this tool!


Recording December 13, 2022


Jeremy Moskowitz is an 18-time MVP awardee, first in Group Policy and then in Enterprise Mobility. His popular books "Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security and the Managed Desktop" and "MDM: Fundamentals, Security and the Modern Desktop" are on thousands of administrators desks around the world. Jeremy is the Founder and CTO of PolicyPak software, which was recently acquired by Netwrix, and Jeremy is the CTO of the Netwrix PolicyPak product, leading the desktop products strategy for Netwrix. Jeremy performs his online and in-person Group Policy University and deep dive Group Policy Health Checks for organizations for all sizes and can be found blogging at MDMandGPanswers.com. Follow Jeremy on twitter @jeremymoskowitz

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