Strengthening Security with Jess Dodson

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How do you improve the security of your organization? Richard talks to Jess Dodson about the current security environment we're living in and what you can do to improve your security posture. Jess talks about how breaches happen and what you can do to detect them early before things get worse. The conversation dives into getting more resources - in most cases, improving security means having the time to work on preventative measures, like implementing multi-factor authentication, security information and event management, and setting up Just Enough Administration. And you need the time to review the activities in your network to let you stop a breach before it turns into something worse!


Recorded January 20, 2023


Jess Dodson, Customer Engineer with Microsoft Australia, focus on Identity and Security. If you've run into GirlGerms online, chances are you've spoken to Jess!

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