Azure Sticker Shock with Aidan Finn

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Are your finance people suffering from Azure sticker shock? Richard talks to Aidan Finn about his experiences with organizations discovering they spend far more on Azure than expected. Aidan talks about designing systems based on on-premises requirements where hardware is over-provisioned, and new features in Azure are added without a thought to cost. Getting finance involved in an Azure migration from the beginning can help mitigate the shock and balance features and costs. Plus, there are great tools for cost management in Azure that can allow for budget projections, catch unusual spending early, and point out opportunities to save money with specific services available today!


Recorded April 6, 2023


Aidan Finn (@joe_elway), Azure MVP, is a Principal Consultant with Innofactor Norway working on Azure infrastructure projects and managed services. He has 26 years experience in IT, working as a consultant, presenter, trainer, technical sales, sys admin, and even a brief time as a developer. Aidan writes about Azure and on-premises server technologies on his own site at and writes about Azure for

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