PowerShellGet in 2023 with Sydney Smith

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PowerShellGet V3 is getting close to release - what should we expect? Richard chats with Sydney Smith about the key features of PSG3 - especially the support for third-party and private repositories. Sydney talks about how developing the tool in the open on GitHub has helped steer the module into a great version. While there are some breaking changes, there's also a Compat module to help bridge the gap. And now PSG3 is part of PowerShell 7.4 - so we should see some exciting news this fall!


Recorded July 10, 2023


Sydney is a Program Manager on the PowerShell team at Microsoft. She owns the PowerShell tooling space including the editor experience, package/module ecosystem, and cloud integrations. She graduated from Claremont Mckenna College with a degree in Math, Economics and Computer Science.

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