Microsoft Fabric with Andrew Snodgrass

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What is Microsoft Fabric, and why do you want some? Richard talks to Andrew Snodgrass of Directions on Microsoft about Microsoft's recently announced Fabric product. Andrew explains that Fabric is an effort to integrate the various data products, including PowerBI, DataLake, Data Factory, and Data Warehousing, under a standard banner. It is early days for Fabric, but it's a great time to take it out for a spin for those who haven't dug into Azure data analytics products. But if you have existing implementations of PowerBI and many other data products, test carefully - the migration paths aren't simple!


Recorded July 12, 2023


Andrew Snodgrass is VP of Research at Directions on Microsoft. He analyzes and writes about Microsoft's data management, business intelligence, and ERP/CRM solutions, as well as aspects of licensing. Before joining Directions on Microsoft, Andrew was vice president of IT for a global Fortune 500 company, where he directed overall IT activities and strategy for the company's global operations, including work sharing and collaboration, application design and development, communications, data center operations, security, compliance, procurement, and vendor management. Andrew also started and sold an independent software firm specializing in disparate data integration, cleansing, and analysis. Andrew received a B.B.A. in information systems from Boise State University and an M.B.A. from Colorado State University.

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